[iOS] Toddlers Food Games-EduKitchen - Free Kids Apps Download

[iOS] Toddlers Food Games-EduKitchen

Download [iOS] Toddlers Food Games-EduKitchen

Give your kids all the power they need in the kitchen, but in a very unique educational way! Just download it and you’ll see!

Best Download iOS Kids Games Toddlers Food Games-EduKitchen
Best Download iOS Kids Games Toddlers Food Games-EduKitchen



•18 Different Unique Educational Painting Games

•Voice Over in 12 Different languages!

English, Spanish, Arabic, Russian, Persian, French, German, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Portuguese.

•Fine Motor Skills Building!


•Amazing Music & Sound Effects! 

•Unlimited Play and Innovative Rewards System!



•Learn To Eat Healthy- Find healthy fruits and vegetables among burgers and ice creams!

•Fry Eggs and Learn To Count – Put the correct number of eggs into the frying pan.

•Learn Sorting With Dishwasher Sorting Game– Pick up all the dirty dishes and put them in the dishwasher.

•Learn Recycling – Find all the items that need to go into recycling bin. 

•Popsicle Topping – Add different fruits as toppings to popsicles

•Cook Vegetable Soup – Find all the vegetables & toss them into the pan to make vegetable soup.

•Set The Table – Set the dinner table!

•Fruit Faces & Shape Recognition – Make a fun face with fruits.

•Breakfast Cereal– Have fun adding different fruits to your cereal.

•Toast & Count– Toast breads and learn to count!

•Size Arranging – Arrange 5 fruits from biggest to smallest or smallest to biggest.

•Fruit Memory Match-Match pairs of fruits and learn their names!

•Juice Connect – Connect each fruit to it’s juice

•Sorting & Refrigerator – Drag and drop all the objects that belong in the refrigerator.

•Kitchen Timer – Set a timer to a certain number.

•Popsicle Match – Match pairs of colorful popsicles!

•Ice cream Maker – Our special dessert treat! 

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