[iOS] Super Slime Maker Simulator

[iOS] Super Slime Maker Simulator

Download [iOS] Super Slime Maker Simulator

***New & Improved Slime Features!*** It’s Super Slime Maker Simulator! Help make slimes!! 

Best Download iOS Kids Games Super Slime Maker Simulator
Best Download iOS Kids Games Super Slime Maker Simulator

Come play the best squishy DIY slime making & unicorn design games for endless slime filled fun!!

Create, decorate, stretch, poke & play with your very own Slime in this amazing maker simulator game! Slime is so much relaxing fun!

Start by mixing together the best slime ingredients in the mixing bowl including slime mix, shaving cream, bubbles and more! Then turn on the mixer to stir them together for perfect slime every time!

Play with the super stretchy, gooey slime! Stretch out the slime as you watch it grow, jiggle and shake! Then, cut out a fun new shape using a mold!

Go to the Slime Factory! Place the tray into the magic slime machine & watch the slime machine create super special, sparkly slime!

Poke Poke Squish! Relax and have fun as you poke & press your slime creation! Watch the watch it jiggle & get ready to decorate! 

Create the best designs!! Add foam beads, glitter, decorations, fun items, unicorns, rainbows, sparkles & cool coloring! Draw & color by using your finger on your slime.

Change different slime backgrounds, slime holders and much more! 

Play with your slime by tapping & poking on the slime! Watch it jiggle, bounce & move around the screen! 

Save your best designs or Reset to poke & play again! Make endless designs!! Have fun with your slimes

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