[iOS] Smoothie Juice Master

[iOS] Smoothie Juice Master

Download [iOS] Smoothie Juice Master

~~> Get Groovy Smoothie Skills With 20 Challenging Levels from Rookie to Master 

Best Download iOS Kids Games Smoothie Juice Master
Best Download iOS Kids Games Smoothie Juice Master

~~> Make Smoothies FAST and funky & Win Rewards for All that You Accomplish

~~> Hundreds of Smoothies, Dozens of Ingredients & Crazy Decorations, Awesome Arcade Features & Effects 

The legend of the Smoothie Master begins here with the tale of a man who was known for his smashing smoothie creations. A meteorite destroys his blender but he rigs it up again and hands it off to his grandson to continue his groovy smoothie making legacy. And so the game begins to become a totally chilin’ smoothie sensation. 

First, choose 3 types of fruit to begin. Then add ice, but first you must crush the ice with the awesome, arcade-style Ice Breaker Game. You have 60 seconds to break up the ice. It records your speed with a timer so you better be FAST! The faster you are, the more points you win. Next, choose the liquid base to add to your smoothie. Pour it into the blender and make sure to cover your blender so the smoothie doesn’t explode all over the counter! Now you’re ready to pour your sensational smoothie into a cool glass that you will deck out with crazy decorations. 

After you rock one level, you move up to higher levels of groovy smoothie mastery and you win more cool items to add to your next smoothie.There are 20 levels in total from rookie and swagger to ace and finally, master. You choose where you want to whip up your smoothie – in a mall, a spaceship or in a tropical location. Rev up your blender and get your smoothie swagger going! 


> Smoothie Score gives your smoothie ranking and title 

> Ice Break Game, arcade style – break ice in 60 seconds – a timer records your speed 

> Get a Smoothie Score for “Health, Performance and Looks”

> Progress Bar shows your smoothie master level – the more glasses filled, the higher you are! 

> Re-Start button lets you make your smoothie all over with new ingredients 

> Refill button refills your smoothie glass, so you can drink it again & again

What’s inside:

> 30 different types of fruit 

> 13 healthy items including: flax seed, tofu, broccoli 

> 8 healthy sweeteners: agave nectar, honey, brown sugar 

> 15 chocolates & sweets: cookies, candy cane, jelly beans

> 10 ice cream flavors 

> 15 totally wacky items: chicken wings, donuts, socks 

> 10 liquid bases: yogurt, almond milk & orange juice 

> 20 designs for the glass

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