[iOS] Santa Hair Salon Christmas Spa

[iOS] Santa Hair Salon Christmas Spa

Download [iOS] Santa Hair Salon Christmas Spa

Help Santa with a makeover for Christmas! Santa and the friends need you to look their best at the Hair Salon & the Christmas Salon!!

Best Download iOS Kids Games Santa Hair Salon Christmas Spa
Best Download iOS Kids Games Santa Hair Salon Christmas Spa

Featuring fun levels with Santa, Reindeer, Gingerbread, Puppy, Ice Princess and More!

Level 1: Help Santa clean-up at the spa! Brush, Shave, Cut and Style Santa’s Hair!

Level 2: Give Santa a hair salon makeover with fun new colors! Choose the best new style as you color the beard and put in green contacts to finish the look!

Level 3: Build a Snow Friend!! Do make-up and don’t forget to add the carrot nose or top hat!

Level 4: Do make-up & face-painting on the magic winter Ice Princess!!

Level 5: Give the Christmas helper a fashionable holiday design! This will look so good for Christmas!

Level 6: Christmas Puppy room! Brush the messy hair, wash the puppy with the water sprayer & dry off with a towel. Bark!

Level 7: Create a Gingerbread design! Add the candy eyes, chocolate hair, frosting and a candy cane to the cookie!

Level 8: Reindeer makeover party! Put on red lipstick, comb the messy hair and get ready for Christmas!

*Level 9: Elf Makeover Room -Choose the best hair color for the elf!

*Level 10: Santa Christmas Party salon room. Help Santa decorate!

*Level 11: Welcome to the Christmas Salon! Get ready at the waiting room, watch a Santa short movie, eat cookies and drink milk!

*Level 12: A beautiful new winter fashion and frosty make-up design.

*Level 13: Prepare for a new Christmas makeover at the salon.

*Level 14: Apply mascara, make-up powder, eye-shadow, lipstick and more. Add diamond earrings! Then get ready for another look.

*Level 15: The holiday elf needs your help to get ready for the spa!

*Level 16: Give the elf a makeover just in time for Christmas!

*Level 17: Snow Princess Salon – get ready for a new winter makeover at the salon.

*Level 18: Snow Princess makeover room. Finish the look by putting on a matching jewelry.

*Level 19: Ice Queen needs your help with her sparkle make-up!

*Please note that levels 9-19 must be purchased separately.

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