[iOS] Racing Car Game for children - Free Kids Apps Download

[iOS] Racing Car Game for children

Download [iOS] Racing Car Game for children

“Garage Master from PizzaGames” – unique of its kind educational game which has no analogues on the market. 

Best Download Racing Car Game for children iOS Mobile Apps
Best Download Racing Car Game for children iOS Mobile Apps


Your child will find 10 amazing and cheerful heroes.

-Cake. He won all trophies in his land. And now he comes to international arena!

-Roxy. Such a cool girl! Real tomboy!

-Rapper. Cool drive & shine cars – all which is needed!

-Racoon. Strong man that has no equal on earth!

-Superhero. Faster than light!

– Bunny. Pretty Barbie, but be careful not to offend.

-Alien . Tu-Tu-Ti 1011. I came in peace. And I have a car. The perfect one! Ram-Ram-Ram! Awesome! 

-Viking. All you need is power and fury! 

-Santa. Merry Christmas and Happy ride!

-Ninja. Quiet and fast racer! 


The child can create any model of cars himself using a lot of different parts.

More than 100 pieces for creative work! Let your child’s imagination come out to play! 


You can ride on any of the designed cars. Riding on the track is completely similar to the real ride: there are gas pedal, road tilt, acceleration, braking effect and others.

This game perfectly develops logic thinking. The child would be happy to “work” in the garage, trying to drive with the new wheels, lights, arcs, spoilers, wings, etc. A wide range of components allows the child to create a unique car and then test it on the road. The game process like a real driving makes your child feel happy. It brings a great joy and emotions that will be exploded into a storm of cheers! Let give a young driver some fun and experience of realistic driving. Kids will definitely feel excited!

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