[iOS] My Pet Salon Makeover - Free Kids Apps Download

[iOS] My Pet Salon Makeover

Download [iOS] My Pet Salon Makeover

***Including +20 New Pet Levels!!*** Feed and play with the super cute puppies, zoo animals, kittens, penguins and much more!

Best Download iOS Kids Games My Pet Salon Makeover
Best Download iOS Kids Games My Pet Salon Makeover

Give your pets new makeovers at the pet salon! Do the best pet make-up and hair-coloring!!

Level 1: Cute baby puppy pet spa! Clean-up and have fun with the cutest pomeranian puppy!

Level 2: Pet puppy make up. Color hair fun colors like pink, green or blue! Add sparkly powder, colorful eye-shadow and much more!

Level 3: Puppy salon makeover room. Give toys, a zebra outfit and paint the wall! Bark!

Level 4: This is puppy park! Take all four puppies to the park for a fun filled day! Create a rainbow, do hair-coloring and more!

Level 5: Pet photo shoot and make up room! Take a photo of the cutest pets around!

Level 6: Baby pet bath time. Clean-up with soapy bubbles, shampoo and play with the bath toys!

Level 7: Kitten wants to do tiger make up. Give milk, play with toys and create a cute design!

Level 8: Baby bunny makeover room! Feed carrots, do cute rabbit make up and much more!

Level 9: Take care of all the Zoo animals. Care for the tiger, hippo, monkey, lion, elephant and more! Feed the animals and clean-up.

Level 10: It’s time for penguins! Put lipstick on the penguin! Add snow, feed the penguins, slide downhill and more!

Level 11: Care for the cute puppy! Clip nails, give water and provide love for your pet!

Level 12: Care for the cute kitten! Brush hair, feed snacks, play with toys and more!

Level 13: Play with the monkey! Clean-up the mud, play with a rattle and eat bananas!!

Level 14: Play with the baby kitten! Change diapers, give a binkie, milk-bottle and much more!

Level 15: Kitten and Puppy playtime! Give cat and dog treats. Clean-up after the pets!!

Level 16: Magic Pony Unicorn Makeover!! Put on horse shoes, play with butterflies, add sparkles and much more!

Level 17: Feed the Parrot! Play with bird toys and more!

Level 18: Give the tiger cool sunglasses and play with fun toys! Don’t forget to clip the tiger nails!

Level 19: Panda room! Give milk, eat bamboo and play with the ball!

Level 20: Have a pet party! Clean-up the room, put up decorations, listen to music and much more!

Level 21: Feed the dalmatian puppy! Eat ice-cream, dog treats and more!

Level 22: Give a binkie, put on lotion and have fun with the dalmatian!

Level 23: The puppy needs to clean-up for the fashion show. Brush teeth and much more!

Level 24: Play with a ball, decorate with lights and win the puppy trophy!!

Level 25: Play with the puppy. Choose from Christmas, Pink Princess and more!

Level 26: Bed time for the husky pup! Give a blanket, binkie, toy, night light and milk!

Level 27: Twin puppies made a mess. Clean-up with the duster, vacuum and towel!

Level 28: The puppy wants to go for a car ride! Put on the helmet and play!

Level 29: Feed the puppy and spray the funny bugs! Remember to clip the puppy nails!

Level 30: It’s a puppy party! Take the pups for a fun day, play with the bubbles and much more!

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