[iOS] Horse & Pony Doctor Care

[iOS] Horse & Pony Doctor Care

Download [iOS] Horse & Pony Doctor Care

Quickly, let’s go to the vet hospital. A new baby pony is about to arrive!

Best Download iOS Kids Games Horse & Pony Doctor Care
Best Download iOS Kids Games Horse & Pony Doctor Care

Our pony horse is pregnant and needs to go to the horse hospital where an expert veterinary can take care of our pony horse and its future newborn baby pony. But before you start helping the mother mare to be, make a general body examination and a general check up. Then watch with an ultrasound scan our pony’s newborn and decide the treatments it needs! Let’s test your skills and see what kind of horse doctor you are!

– Discover your vet abilities in our horse hospital taking care of cute mares and ponies 

– Learn vet skills at the hospital clinic!

– Family game appropriate for kids of all ages

– Feel like a real vet

– Different difficulty levels and characters

– Intuitive gameplay

You will have real fun taking care of horses and ponies! Do you dare trying this free horse simulator for kids full of surprises?

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