[iOS] Dentist fear - Doctor games

[iOS] Dentist fear – Doctor games

Download [iOS] Dentist fear – Doctor games

Going to the dentist is something that not many people like to do, although to have a nice clean smile it has to be done.

Best Download iOS Kids Games Dentist fear - Doctor games
Best Download iOS Kids Games Dentist fear – Doctor games

With the Dentist Fear dentist game you can have fun with cleaning your patient’s teeth and show them how much fun it can be when going to the dentist. Here you can blast all the germs away, remove any holes that may be cracked, suck all the gum from the teeth, as well as remove and pull any rotten or cracked teeth. After you have done this you can then begin the cleaning process ready to decorate with plenty of colors. Going to the dentist doesn’t have to be scary with the dentist fear game. 


•BLAST the germs that are hiding out in your mouth!

•REMOVE any cracked holes using the horse drill!

•CLEAN the teeth by using the different tools available!

•SUCK all the gum from the teeth with the small vacuum!

•PULL out any broken or rotten teeth and replace them using new ones!

•COLOR the teeth any color you like by using the paint palette!

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