[iOS] Baby Airlines

[iOS] Baby Airlines

Download [iOS] Baby Airlines

~~~> Thank you for flying Baby Airlines! The most adorable airlines on the app store! 

Best Download iOS Kids Games Baby Airlines
Best Download iOS Kids Games Baby Airlines

~~~> Real-life airport activities! Check-in passengers, X-ray luggage, fix the airplane and more! 

~~~> Fly your very own airplane! Fasten your seatbelt and get ready for takeoff! 

Get ready for a fun-filled airport adventure! The Baby Airlines crew needs YOUR help to run the airport smoothly. From check-in to security check to landing, it’s up to you to make sure your passengers are safe and happy! Clean up the airplane and make sure your passengers are ready for their awesome flight! With tons of airplane activities, there’s so much fun to be had! 

You be the captain! Fly your Baby Airlines plane with the interactive flight simulator! You can even run the airport traffic control tower by solving fun-filled mazes! Don’t forget to fix up the plane so that it’s in tip-top shape. Replace the wheels, pump fuel and connect the broken wires! You can even head to the body shop to build and customize your airplane! 


> Check-in customers

> Match the destination, class and seat to customers’ tickets

> Tap flight system controls to fly the plane

> Find customers’ lost luggage items

> Drag tools like the air drill and fuel pump to fix the airplane

> Tap to connect broken wires

> Check luggage with the X-ray machine

> Solve control tower mazes 

> Clean up the airplane to prepare for take-off 

> Customize your airplane at the body shop 

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