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[Android] Phonics 1G1 Kizphonics Lite

Download [Android] Phonics 1G1 Kizphonics Lite

In this phonics level, children will focus on S blends (st, sl, sw, sm, sn, sp) & H digraphs (ch, sh, th, ph, wh).

Best Download Android Kids Games Phonics 1G1 Kizphonics Lite
Best Download Android Kids Games Phonics 1G1 Kizphonics Lite

This level is a jump from single letter/sound words into the realm of digraphs which are two letters that make one sound and blends which are two sounds read together quickly with each letter still retaining its sound. Children will learn that some letter combinations like ‘ch’ (chop) & ‘sh’ (shop) make a single sound. The H digraphs are important because they occur frequently in written text. Then they will learn the most common S blends in words like SLeep, SPider, SMall, STar etc. They will also learn the soft sounds of C and G in words like ‘city’ and ‘giraffe’. There are 3 decodable stories to match the key lessons. The videos and games are part of our 1st grade Level 1 phonics program on http://www.kizphonics.com/phonics-program/1st-grade-level-1/
This app works great with our Kiz Phonics Book 4 for 1st grade Level 1. It is a great complementary product.

VIDEOS: First, children will watch and learn words with the digraphs ch, sh, th, ph & wh. Then they will focus on the S blends st, sl, sw, sm, sn, sp, str. The idea that ‘c’ and ‘g’ both have a soft sound as in ‘city’ and ‘giraffe’ will also feature in 2 video lessons.

There are 3 short stories aimed at extending practice of digraphs and blends.

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