[Android] Letters Numbers Colors Shapes

[Android] Letters Numbers Colors Shapes

Download [Android] Letters Numbers Colors Shapes

Our talking alphabet app will help you enjoy teaching toddlers. Every letter, number, shape and color has special picture (flashcard) that help remember the letter.

Best Download Android Kids Games Letters Numbers Colors Shapes
Best Download Android Kids Games Letters Numbers Colors Shapes

Best educational app for toddlers, kids. Kids learn ABC letter names and sounds using pictures. A great way to learn to recognize letters, numbers, colors, and shapes. Kids Preschool ABC Letters.

Our educational game shows children the alphabet letters and teach them to recognize letters as they appear. As a result, preschoolers kids learn the letters sounds much more faster.


★ install to SD card
★ abc for toddlers
★ good quality of letters sounds
★ image of each Alphabet’s letter
★ beautiful wallpapers for babies
★ entertain your child with numbers and shapes
★ best interface for toddlers
★ educate your kids
★ abc flashcards for kids
★ helps child pronounce letters and numbers
★ human voice for each color
★ help your child learning 26 letters of English alphabet with enjoyable way
★ touch the letter and listen the sounds of ABC
★ abc flash cards for kids
★ abc family app

– talking alphabet
– numbers for preschoolers
– talking abc
– math for pre-school
– talking numbers
– talking letters
– talking colors
– geometric shapes for babies
– help mothers, fathers, parents, nurses, sisters to study numbers with kids
– could be used in nursery, kindergarten, pre-school, school, university

Each flash card is highly illustrated and an animated picture flashes up with the associated shape and sound. Alphabet and numbers flash cards help children develop memory and listening skills. Children will get to know phonics and be able to connect letter sounds with objects, for example: A is for Apple.
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