[Android] Kids Spelling Practice

[Android] Kids Spelling Practice

Download [Android] Kids Spelling Practice

Spelling Practice for kids with images and pronunciation.

Spelling Practice is a multi level spelling game designed to help spelling enthusiasts improve not only their spelling skills but also vocabulary and pronunciation. This app consists misspelled words with pronunciation, sentences. 

Keyboard of mobile and tablet can be used to type words.

Kids will easily learn to spell and memorize words of different categorized with its phonics pronunciation. It is colourful and easy to use educational game.

Spelling Practice improves English vocabulary to train kids brain and memory to remember spelling of different words. It also helps your kids Free Educational game, by seeing spelling and visualizing pictures and sounds. Kids will easily practice and learn with fun.

Additional qwerty as well as simple keyboard is added for kids so that they can easily type with the mobile keyboard which will help to improve typing skills.

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