[Android] Dino Preschool Learning Games - Free Kids Apps Download

[Android] Dino Preschool Learning Games

Download [Android] Dino Preschool Learning Games

***** A Must have – Learn Pre-School Math while having fun *****
27 Lovely educational number activities and games for kids and toddlers with Dinosaur theme!
A set of graphically appealing math games, aimed for kids between 2-6.

Best Download Android Kids Games Dino Preschool Learning Games
Best Download Android Kids Games Dino Preschool Learning Games

Your kids will enjoy playing these games, learn about numbers and basic math as they move from game to game. 
With bright, joyful colors each game is unique, providing additional layer of knowledge.
HD Graphics, suitable for new HD devices. 
Positive and pleasant feedback for your kids for each task they perform. 

There is no better place to start learning numbers and math than in Dino does Pre-School Math
Have Fun!

In the game you’ll find:
* Professionally illustrated, narrated and designed with every detail taken into consideration. 
* The only educational tool purposefully built to support both your tablet and your phone.
* Does not require any connection to the web to run, making it the best overall mobile education tool around.
* Optional dyslexic font.
* Fun dinosaur avatar accompanies the kids as they play.
* An original background music provides a unique spirit to the game. 

Current topics offering: 
Learning numbers, 
Order by size,
Order Numbers, 
Number line, 
Tell Time, 
Matrix matching, 
More & Less, 
Great & Small, 
Big & Small, 
Long & Short, 
Tall & Short.

Also includes these fun educational games:
Bubbles shoot, 
Whack a bunny, 
Connect the Dots, 
Raining shapes,

The lite version offers full access for a limited time for testing. afterwards you can play for free the first activities. If your kids like this game and you would like to purchase the rest of the games for your kids, you can unlock all games from the parents section

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