[Android] Dino 1st Grade Learning Games

[Android] Dino 1st Grade Learning Games

Download [Android] Dino 1st Grade Learning Games

Roam the jungle of first grade school with the amazing dinosaur in Kid Dino First Grade Games!

Let it be your guide to an advanced learning for first graders that is perfect for all first graders guaranteed to help them develop important skills. A great dinosaur games for kids.

Learning the basics has never been made this fun and easy. With a variety of carefully designed activities to choose from, your first graders will surely enjoy studying with the dino kid as much as playing. This unique learning tool teaches fractions, number sorting, games on sizes, familiarization of nouns, verbs and adjectives, contracted words, basic spelling, vocabulary through word bingo and naming of objects, basic math and many more! Parents can participate by being involved in coaching and monitoring how well their kids are doing in each of the activity.

Join the fun exploration of kid dinosaur games and be amazed at how easy this adventure of first grade learning will make. Be at the top of your class by mastering all the activities in this app. What a fantastic time of learning! Let the dino kid motivate your first graders with positive encouragement that features professional narration, precise pronunciation and playful music.

Activities include are:
Fractions – Choose the correct image of fractions. Which shows one third?
Number Sorting – Arrange the numbers of ascending or descending order.
Size Games – Arrange the sizes from smallest to biggest.
Nouns, Verbs, Adjectives – Practice on words by identifying which are nouns, verbs or adjectives
Contractions – Choose the correct words to join that makes up the contracted word.
Spelling – Drag the letters to spell the word correctly.
Math Bingo – Find the correct answer to the equation within the bingo board.
Line – Draw a line to its name – it may be animals, colors, shapes, letters or objects
Word Bingo – Be familiarized with simple words and sight words by searching the spoken word within the bingo board
Counting in order – Count out loud in order by twos, fours, fives or tens
Alphabet and vowels – Pop the alphabet or vowels in order
Addition and Subtraction – Complete the simple addition or subtraction equation

Clear and precise pronunciation of words
High quality graphics, kid-friendly interface and 12 fun educational games
Adorable dino kid character that will cheer on and guide all throughout the game play
Reinforces correct learning with animation for correct answers and gentle redirection for incorrect ones
Monitor your kids’ progress with the leader board.

This dinosaur kid game a 1st grade educational games is perfect to those who want to practice and master basic math, simple words, grammar and vocabulary. Help your kids develop analytical thinking through a variety of activities in this game that will help them with the basics of first grade. It’s a great tool for parents to get involved in their kids’ studies.

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